Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey this place is still guess?).

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Firm Hand of the Law.

I've developed a habit of driving around without my seatbelt. It started a few years back I think, in the middle of a life crisis. Not really sure why, perhaps a need to to feel like I live dangerously, perhaps a fruit of my fatalistic tendency, either way.....retarded.

Yesterday while sitting in the inescapable traffic jam that is Austin at 5-7 pm. I noticed a constable's cruiser on my left. I had been under the impression that constables serve warrants and don't deal with traffic enforcement but either way I thought it best to try and sneak on my seat belt. We jockied past each other a few times and eventually he merged into my lane behind the car directly behind me...........Perfect time to slip my seat belt on. I sneaked a peak behind me again only to see the car behind me exit and the cop pull up behind me. Sure enough the lights come on....Busted!
I ended up with a citation for not wearing my seat belt and two warnings for not updating my address and not renewing my registration on time, which was cool as he could have fined me for all of them if he wanted to be a dick about it. I realized how bad of a habit it's become when not even five minutes later I drove off again with my seat belt off.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I found this on my back. Apparently it was supposed to be on my forehead.

A post is a post is a post.

My blog has been lacking substance.....I have been lacking substance.

Life has been busy...which is good. Facebook blows chunks and I don't really care about your feelings or what stupid quiz you took and no matter what you do I won't join your effing Mafia

Oh yeah...Tetris friends is fucking rigged.

I have been tired for over a month. Not complaining just stating a fact. 

List of things to do:
-Clean the house
-Fix three cars
-Clean the damn house
-Three piles of laundry( not sure if they're clean, dirty, or just stained)
-Get Kylie to daycare and be on time for work
-Brendon's homework
-Side jobs
-Write Mike
-Clean the retarded house
-Yell at the IRS
-Take Kylie for a check up
-Pay the utilities(ooops)
-Clean the fucking house!

Oh yeah I'd like to climb some time too. Thought I'd be cool at work and swing from a scaffold ended up pulling a muscle in my shoulder......there goes climbing.

As usual  this message will self- destruct in 15 seconds......Unless the self-destruct mechanism was purchased at Wal-mart or Ikea.  If that's the case return it to the nearest location. Or for a less dehumanizing experience: check yourself into Abu Ghraib.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Worst fears.

My house is chaos, business left undone. My fish hopelessly glide through the filth I have abandoned them to.  I am at home yet home seems vacant.  I would make myself a meal but that would require breaking the self imposed exile to a couch that is only a shadow of it's former.  I will lay here with only the comfort that the monotonous narration of a History Channel documentary can offer, and wait for the slow yet all-encompassing  clutches of afternoon sleep.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No wind in my sails

I've been trying to be really I have.  
Really not sure why I keep this up. Knowing what I know.  We're all just a stew of electrons slamming into each other. We are all just drops in the cesspool called humanity. Why bother with keeping your head up? 

It would make much more sense if it didn't have to make sense.

Tonight I wouldn't care if some one turned it all off. Tomorrow I'll be positive again....I swear.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life on a line

Today I witnessed an accident on the job site. One of the tower cranes on the job swung over into the line of the other tower crane snagging his line and in the process yanking a concrete form and an iron worker who was attached to the form up about 50 feet or so into the air.  I had been talking with a co-worker and hadn't really been paying to much attention. Suddenly from the corner of my eye, I a made out a human form swinging above the job site. The first thing that went through my head was "what an idiot......why would he being doing that?". The look of horror on his face snapped me out my flawed reasoning. His co-workers were frantically trying to alert the crane operator of the trouble below. I cringed as I watched his helpless body slam into the guard rail on the third floor and then cringed again as the form followed, slamming against him on the rail as well. Luckily once he was lowered he seemed to just be banged up pretty bad. I'm sure he'll at least have a few broken ribs.

In other news: I finally cleaned my room, fixed my bike, and tomorrow I'm getting cable TV.